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Go-to-market (GTM) with New Products/ New Markets

Make informed decisions while entering a new market or launching a new product

iCreate: Innovation Garage
iCreate: Innovation Garage

What is it?

For any brand, entry into a new market or even to stretch its equity into a new category is never easy. The tasks involves a structured assessment of the opportunity, a deep understanding of the market and its socio economics, insights on the consumer behavior which drives the category, barriers and triggers to growing the category, understanding the competitive landscape, finalizing all elements of the entry strategy, getting the business model and so on, before we can press the trigger to enter. We at Intin understand this, quite well. The seasoned Intin Team brings to the table its collective experience of solving such challenges across sectors. We have put together a structured solution to solving this challenge. We have used our ability to do secondary and primary research , mining of insights thru volumes of data, our deep understanding of the geography we operate in to assess the size of the opportunity, build understanding of the category triggers and barriers to help build the business model. We use our strategic experience in analysing competition, category dynamics and trade understanding to help build the cost of building the business . We have put all of this in a structured framework for you to ensure that you don’t miss out any bit of information , while still being able to customize the output which you may need

When is it used?

Whether you have plans to enter a new geography with your current offering, or want to stretch the brand to a new category or just enter a new category as a company , you could use our solution to quickly get upto speed with all the information you would need leading to launch , including ( but not limited to) the multi functional launch strategy. Depending on the information you already have , we could customize the use of our framework to fill in the gaps in in your information and give firm recommendations. The output would be coming from a bunch of seasoned and experienced professionals who have ‘been there and done that’. That makes all the difference between a theoretical report and a authenticated strategy document .

iCreate: Innovation Garage
iCreate: Innovation Garage

What are the benefits?

The output of the report covers the following areas which are very critical for your launch:

  • Socio economic indicators
  • Industry / market size growth , channel splits
  • Category segmentation
  • Brands positioning mind map
  • Key category drivers and barriers
  • Competition profiling
  • Consumer understanding
  • Category trends and future
  • Complete trade analysis
  • Estimated cost for brand and business building
  • Costings and likely margins
  • Functional and entry strategies.

All the above are pre-requsities before getting into a launch mode.Having this level of detailed information minimizes the mistakes which could be made and reduces the overall cost of the launch due to more informed decision making

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