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Plans are Nothing...Planning is Everything! Marketing Planning 2021

IAA : Knowledge and Intelligence Series
Date : February 05, 2021

2020 has been a global game changer. Keeping the learnings and the new consumer reality in mind, how are you building your marketing plans? And how do you regain consumer trust? Come and listen to experts from FMCG, healthcare, online travel and media share their perspectives.

Leadership and Marketing Challenges

IAA : Knowledge and Intelligence Series
Date : March 16, 2021

With a career spanning more than three and half decades, cutting across sectors, D Shivakumar, or Shiv as he is popularly called, has had a stellar journey which would inspire any corporate manager. What are the lessons which Shiv has learnt on marketing and leadership that he can share? Who are the leaders who inspired him and why? What inspiring stories does he have to share, on marketing and leadership. The lessons he has learnt from the mistakes made? Watch the video to know it all.

The Healthcare Sector: Has Its Time Come?

IAA : Knowledge and Intelligence Series
Date : June 25, 2021

The Healthcare sector seems to have finally come into its own. Post the pandemic, not only has the awareness and need for healthcare gone up significantly among the masses, the sheer number of opportunities that have arisen augur well for companies operating in this space. Watch this video and listen to the leaders representing the healthcare e-commerce sector to understand their perspective, how they have reacted to opportunities, and what this means for the future of healthcare and marketing.

Creativity: Dead in Today's Digital-First Marketing?

IAA : Knowledge and Intelligence Series
Date : September 17, 2021

Every business and every brand wants to go digital first, but do the digital media offer an opportunity to build brands beyond performance marketing? Can high-quality creative output keep pace with an increasingly metric-driven marketplace? Watch the webinar to hear straight from our industry experts as they discuss the role of creativity today and building a brand personality that connects with the consumer.

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