Marketing has evolved more in the last five years than it has in the last 50. Digital disruption, changing role of traditional channels and anytime, anywhere, any device (AWATAD) means brands are in a state of constant evolution. Intin advisors work with Private Equity investors, Family business owners and C-suite executives to provide frugal ROI based Marketing services, customized to your needs.

iCreate: Innovation Garage
iCreate: Innovation Garage

Category Landscaping And Mapping

Intin covers sectorial definition, sizing, trends, segments, penetration, draw up the competitive map, analyse the key players for their strategies, spends and profitability. We look at sectorial issues like cyclicity, forecasts, emerging trends, drivers, customer / consumer mapping, segmentation and macro issues which affect the segment. We do a deep dive for the sector as per the client’s requirement. We use this to help brands draw up their revenue and GoTo-Market strategy.

Positioning And Re-positioning

Intin can help put together the complete test marketing plan, get it implemented and come back with a full roll out strategy, hand holding the brand all the way through. The Intin tool kit has got some unique tools which not only focus on ‘every day great execution’ but also help sharply focus the scarce resources at the brands disposal to maximize ROI for the brand investments. Intin has some customized training programs to help build a culture of great execution and ROI focus in the marketing team.

iCreate: Innovation Garage
iCreate: Innovation Garage

Marketing Process Outsourcing

Intin understands that marketing may not be a core strength of your company. The Intin team, with its years of experience and its capabilities can take over your entire marketing task end to end. We take full responsibility of your leads and revenue generation and will ensure that your business objectives are met. If needed, Intin can also place its resource inside your organization to help manage the task better.

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Go-To-Market Strategy And Execution

Intin can help brands craft their go-to-market strategy across trade channels, including e-commerce. Intin’s team of experienced retail practitioners can also help you execute the same across the spectrum – improve shopper understanding, set up the distribution system, recruit and train personnel and implement processes to manage the system.

iCreate: Innovation Garage
iCreate: Innovation Garage

Turnkey DTC brand launch

The Intin Team, with its years of executional experience, can help brands sharpen its short term and long term brand strategies. Intin ensures that your brand’s activities and processes align with your objectives and goals and in the process help your business function effectively. We use our tools to help utilize and mobilize resources efficiently, secure an advantageous market position, and cement a long-term brand blueprint. We help the brand with developing the brand positioning, brand key and the help the brand with the finalization of the 6P’s for launch.

Create Apps/Automate your trade marketing

We facilitate Digital Transformation for companies right from the ideation phase to the release phase with quick turnaround tools. Our expertise in web development, mobile app development,AI tools & Chatbots, combined with our experience in designing, allows us to help automate/optimise your operations with the right technologies. Our highly skilled professionals assist you in creating sustainable and scalable digital products. We help you reduce time to market and optimise your cost, whereas our digital transformation ideas enable you to develop market-first products that are ready for the future.

iCreate: Innovation Garage

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