All Intin business solutions platform save time and money. Each solution is designed to address a specific business opportunity, or solve a specific problem. Our growth experts address the business questions at hand using bespoke, integrated solutions to ensure quantifiable, successful outcomes.

The Intin Solutions and Products are housed under three pillars, namely:

iDesign: To design and optimize products, communications, packaging and marketing plans.
iDeploy: To improve sales outcomes and customer acquisition in innovative and efficient ways.
iDiagnose: To measure and maximize the impact of marketing activities.

Our frugal solutions are marketing technology products, expert consulting services or a combination of products and services that deliver business ROI. In virtually every case, a solution is provided to address the client’s specific business problem or other needs.

Intin business solutions platform offers a one-stop-shopping place to allow business owners to save time and money. Our seasoned marketing experts address your business concerns and bespoke integrated solutions to ensure quantifiable, successful outcomes.