ROI Training & Workshops

Your entry door to the world of efficiency and accountability (ROI)

Welcome to your first step to become an ROI specialist and finally prove sales and marketing’s worth in real economic terms in a credible way.

V-Intr.ROIMI Introductory CourseThese are short, affordable online courses that allow participants to have a first qualitative contact with marketing accountability as a topic. Include video lessons, tool kits, a complimentary book, and bonus material. It delivers the knowledge needed to be able to calculate the ROI of marketing projects.
V-TransfROIMI Transformation CourseThese are more intense courses that on top of the formats and topics learnt at the Introductory Courses, include live sessions with the instructor/professor to review cases and concepts, do supervised exercises and live masterclasses. It includes access to Member Continuous Education services
V-CertifROIMI Marketing Certification CourseThis is the highest level of achievement in gaining knowledge and operational capability to implement the ROI Marketing Management model. On top of the contents and formats covered at Transformation Courses, the ROI Marketing Certification proves that the participant was able to implement the model in a real case in his/her operational environment. It secures implementation of the model
Wkshop2D WorkshopIn presence 2 days workshop (open, in-company, business school, etc.)
Certif4 days Certification coursesIn presence 4 days certification courses (open, in-company, business school, etc.)