NUMR: Automated CX Measurement

  • What is it?
    It is a 100% automated consumer experience (CX) measurement solution which uses Net Promoter Score (NPS)® to rate consumer loyalty – “How likely are you to recommend us to others?” It is a proven predictor of growth. Further, we assist brand managers to leverage this for operational excellence by investigating the reasons for their rating (high or low) in, real time using text analytics and sentiment analysis via machine learning. Real time driver’s analysis and dashboarding helps organisations take informed and timely decisions.
  • When is it used?
    We recommend to use it with every major transaction that your customer has with you. This solution creates a map of the customer journey, and is a must have for organizations seeking to continuously improve the experience that the customers can expect from them as a means to retain customers and grow loyalty, thus maximizing customer lifetime value. It is an indispensable pre-requisite for any brand loyalty or brand referral program.
  • What are the Benefits?
    It helps you uncover actionable insights, in real time, from customer feedback comments by text analytics using machine learning. With Sentiment Analysis, it is possible to decipher customers’ sentiments and emotion behind textual comments and feedback. Automated triggers ensure that a negative feedback from a dissatisfied customer is immediately flagged for attention and action. Consistent closure of issues utilizing real time data is an invaluable addition to every organization’s capabilities.

Brands that used this solution: