Innovation Tool Kit

  • What is it?
    Intin can help set up a full-fledged innovation program for your company. Intin brings globally accepted practices to initiate the program and processes to manage it. Intin will then, through customized interventions, build the strategy for you, generate ideas and help you launch projects for growth. Intin’s Idea Screener process will use short and quick quantitative studies to help shortlist ideas using consumer feedback on differentiation vs usefulness. The Concept/Ad Pre-Test process will collate detailed quantitative research to get in-depth consumer feedback on finalised, branded concepts. Intin will also train the team to manage this program and help build the right culture in the team so that it is able to provide continuous stream of ideas for future growth.
  • When is it used?
    A company/brand is in a competitive scenario or is facing challenges in growing their business, should launch an organized innovation program to keep its pipeline of growth drivers ready for the future.
  • What are the benefits?
    A robust innovation program helps in sustaining growths for the business. It pre-empts competition from taking away your business and helps brands grow their market shares and fulfil latent unmet and unsaid consumer needs. A well planned and structured innovation program also helps reduce wastage of company resources, helps pinpoint the company’s efforts and ensures speedy and effective launch in the market.