iConnect: Hyper Local Solution

  • What is it?

    Hyperlocal connect (i-Connect) is the most effective way to implement localized brand activations – either for sales/customer acquisition and/or improving brand equity measures. It allows specific targeting of activities in desired geographies, and on identified customer segments within. The main i-Connect levers available are – intelligent couponing, and localised communication via cable networks.

  • When is it used?

    i-Connect is the ideal solution for a brand that wants quick turnaround in sales and/or do focused, high impact advertising in a focused geography, customizable at a city level. It is specially useful to target areas with below average performance, and connect with customer segments with low(er) engagement with brand. Intin provides end to end deployment along with quantifying impact check of brand’s initiative.

  • What are the benefits?

    i-Connect helps you target both communication and coupons by demographics – NCCS, gender & age (based on information available in databases) – and geography for segmented activities, track conversions and retarget the non-users for an integrated couponing program. By reducing unintended marketing spill over, a lot of time and effort is saved, while getting a centralized reporting & analysis.