Events Impact Diagnostics

  • What is it?
    This Intin solution offers a comprehensive, structured framework to assess the impact of events and/or activations plans amongst participants, stakeholders and secondary audiences involved in any major BTL program. Be it a single event or an activity series, the performance is judged versus objectives to arrive at an actionable assessment for future planning.
  • When is it used?
    It is used in conjunction with the implementation of every significant events and activations. Ideally, it is planned in advance of the events, so that in-event assessments as well as post-event feedback can be ascertained.
  • What are the Benefits?
    This solution provides rich, firsthand insight into impressions created – crucial for brand building efforts, as well as building of unique IPs. It can be of great utility in managing and improving the ROI of corporate events that consume large amount of organizational investments and effort. For event organizers and owners of IPs, it can help fine-tune the positioning and appeal of major events by laser focusing on the beneficial outcomes.
  • Brands that used this solution