Digital and Social Media Marketing Services

  • What is it?
    Intin Digital Marketing Services provide marketing teams with high quality strategic inputs to navigate the increasingly fragmented digital media space, and create focused communication plans for online execution.  Be it Online advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Keyword Campaigns or Email marketing, our in-house resources allow for planning and execution all under one roof. Our capabilities include website design and upgradation, as well as creative development.
  • When is it used?
    Digital media is cornering a growing share of ad spend with changes in media consumption habits, making “always online” presence a must for all brands. Brands can leverage the resources to develop plans, do A/B testing to select the most effective options before deploying their digital initiatives. Brands planning to enter the digital sphere for the first time can benefit from our creative and web development skills.
  • What are the benefits?
    Intin-Manhattan digital marketing services help define competitive campaign goals, with focus on winning strategies within category and media context. Diligent planning assures competitive budget setting. Once approved, the capabilities include real-time monitoring and optimization of plans for most effective deliveries. Continuous KPI measurements and the ability to do A/B testing ensure most effective use of media monies. Integrated capabilities allow for execution of multi-channel digital campaigns, involving email, search and social media channels.

Brands that used this solution: