Descriptive and Predictive Analytics

  • What is it?
    Intin uses predictive analysis and dashboard tracking to evaluate marketing performance and optimise business processes. Intin’s i-Dash: Dashboards support marketing team at all levels to provide a quick overview that marketers need to monitor the health and opportunities of their brand. These dashboards focus on high level measures of performance, and forecasts including snapshots of brand’s daily, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly performance. The predictive analytics comprise three distinct modules, including the Data Integration Module (for data visualisation), Scenario Planner (for visualising response to budgeting options) and Sales Forecasting Tool (for forward planning).
  • When is it used?
    Any brand team which is responsible for both sales as well as mind (brand equity) measure needs a centralized control. While information is available, it is coming from different sources, in different formats at differing frequency. Often there is reams of data accessible but little information. Intin uncomplicates abundant data and integrates various streams to provide an action oriented Single Brand View which provides intelligence to take more effective decisions than competition.
  • What are the benefits?
    Digital transformation involving analysis of different sources helps create a more comprehensive evaluation of marketing outcomes. Visualised on dashboards, this data helps to create insights for better decision-making. It provides clarity to identify trends, acts as a focal point for all necessary marketing data, and ensures an easy-to-read display of key marketing metrics on your handheld device, contextualized at a hierarchical level. Modelling marketing inputs to generate scenarios for budget allocation and sales forecasting allows marketing teams to experiment and optimise/maximise predicted results.